Csipkerozsa Parkhotel: Terms and conditions

1) Area of application: a) These 'General Terms and Conditions' (hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions) are valid for the services of the Csipkerňzsa Parkhotel as well as the associated facilities and supplies. The business activity of the Csipkerozsa Park is carried out by the company Qualimed Hungary Kft registered in the Hungarian census register (address: Felsöcsňlyos 34, H 6135 Csňlyospŕlos). All legal obligations in connection with these terms and conditions are subject to the business activities of Qualimed Hungary Kft.

b) These terms and conditions also apply to offers.

c) With the reservation by the customer accepts the present GTC.

2) Contract: a) As soon as the customer has made the reservation, the administrative management of the Csipkerňzsa Park Hotel will send a reservation confirmation either by e-mail or post. Only with the delivery of the reservation confirmation the contract between the parties comes about.

b) Changes to the contract must be made in writing

3) Services / Prices: a) The Csipkerňzsa Park Hotel or the managing Qualimed Hungary Kft undertakes to provide the services ordered by the customer and confirmed by the hotel or Qualimed Hungary Kft.

b) The subletting and / or re-letting of the provided premises as well as their use for purposes other than those agreed upon require the written approval of the hotel management.

c) The prices of the services are stated in the contract or the reservation confirmation. They are invoiced in the Hungarian currency HUF and include VAT. Visitor's tax and other official fees will be charged additionally.

d) The room rates include breakfast unless otherwise stated. Other meals will be charged separately if required. Also be charged separately from the minibar, any telephone charges and other services provided by the customer in the hotel.

e) The use of the following leisure facilities are free of charge for overnight guests (depending on the season and the weather conditions)::
  • Swimming pool in the garden
  • Park, including garden chess and fireplace
  • Walks in the hotel area
  • Outside parking for 1 car per room
  • Internet access (WLAN)

However, the hotel management expressly does not guarantee the availability of these facilities.

f) The use of the following facilities are charged separately:

  • Bicycle rental
  • Tennis court
  • SPA area and related services
4) Payment terms: a) The hotel or the managing company Qualimed Hungary Kft is entitled at any time to demand a reasonable deposit or other payment. If the customer fails to meet his advance payment obligation in due time, the hotel may withdraw from the contract after a reasonable additional period of grace. The customer is liable to the hotel for damages incurred.

b) If no down payment has been requested and has been made, the full amount of the bill must be paid at the latest on departure of the customer from this cash or credit card accepted by the hotel. If a payment is agreed by invoice, the amount is due for full payment no later than 10 days after the invoice date, in case of late payment, the hotel is entitled to charge default interest in the amount of 8%.

c) If the services claimed are not charged incorrectly or due to a time delay, the hotel is entitled to charge these.

5) Withdrawal / cancellation / storno:
a) The hotel may extraordinarily withdraw from the contract in the following factually justified cases:
  • Force majeure (political unrest, strikes, catastrophes) or when other circumstances beyond the control of the hotel make fulfillment impossible.
  • If premises are booked by the customer under false statements of material facts (person of the customer or purpose).
  • If there is reasonable cause for the hotel to believe that the use of the service may jeopardize the smooth running of the business, the safety of the facility or other guests and customers, or the reputation of the hotel in public without the responsibility of the hotel Hotels exists.
  • If there is a breach of paragraph 3. b).

b) In the case of justified cancellation of the hotel, the customer shall not be entitled to compensation.

6) Pets: a) Pets are strictly forbidden inside the hotel and in the guesthouses. Exceptions require the prior approval of the hotel management. In such a case, a dog can be accommodated with their own dogs in the hotel's own dog kennel. For resulting additional burdens (in particular cleaning and ev. Feeding) the hotel bill in the amount of 5000 HUF / day without food costs.
b) Keep animals on a leash in the park. Contaminants are to be removed by the animal owner properly. The livestock owner is liable for any damage incurred.

7) Liability: a) The hotel management or the managing company Qualimed Hungary Kft is liable for damages only in cases of intent or gross negligence. The liability for slight negligence is expressly excluded. For auxiliary persons of the hotel any liability, in particular also for gross negligence or intent is completely waived.

b) For objects and things brought in by guests or customers, liability is waived to the extent permitted by law. In particular, the hotel is not liable for valuables that are not in the safe of the room or the hotel.

c) If the hotel is unable to provide the agreed premises (exception number 5 a), the customer / guest shall be liable for any damages incurred, provided these can be proved. In such a case, the hotel will offer an equivalent replacement solution and any additional costs incurred as a result.

d) If a customer / guest is injured or if he is not satisfied with the services provided by the hotel, he must notify the hotel management in writing immediately, but no later than 14 days after departure. In the event of late notification, the claims, including those pursuant to clause 7.3 c), shall be deemed to have been forfeited.

e) The premises are to be used by the customer/guest with the utmost care. He is liable to the hotel for all damage, loss or other damage caused by himself, his employees, agents, event participants or other third parties.

f) There is a strict smoking ban in all rooms of the hotel as well as in the guesthouses. Smoking is only permitted outside the buildings and the park. For violations in the guest rooms or guest houses, the guest will be charged the cleaning costs (curtains, carpets, furniture, etc.) in the amount of 50,000 HUF. If a room can not be rented the next day because of the strong smoke smell, an additional daily or overnight accommodation fee will be charged according to the hotel's tariff. If a fire alarm is triggered by the fault of a customer / guest, all the associated costs are also imposed on him. This also includes follow-up costs for the restoration of the operating condition and any operational costs of the fire brigade.

8) Lost property: a) The hotel management keeps found objects of the customers / guests for six months. After expiry of this period, valuables will be handed over to the public lost property office, all other lost property will be disposed of.

9) Contract changes and additions: a) Changes or additions to the contract or reservation confirmation must be made in writing and accepted by both parties. Unilateral changes are ineffective. Invalidity of individual contract provisions have no influence on the remaining provisions, which means that the remaining contract remains valid.

10) Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: a) All contracts concluded under these terms and conditions are exclusively subject to Hungarian law and exclude conflict of laws. Jurisdiction is Szeged / Hungary