Csipkerozsa Parkhotel: Houese rules

We would like to welcome you to the Csipkerózsa Parkhotel and inform you about our house rules. The house rules specify the regulation of the usage of services, liability and your stay itself at the Csipkerózsa Parkhotel. By booking and paying the specified price for your stay at the Csipkerózsa Parkhotel, you acknowledge and accept these house rules. The house rules apply to all of our guests staying at the Csipkerózsa Parkhotel.
1.)   Check in - Check out information

The time for check-in is from 14:00 until 22:00 on the day of arrival. If you plan on arriving earlier or later, please let us know by making a phone call or by sending an e-mail. If you arrive earlier and your room is not yet prepared, we can store your luggage.
Time for check-out is from 7:00 until 11:00 on the day of departure. After checking out, you may stay in the hotel or in the park for free, but please leave your luggage at the reception.
Please leave your magnetic card and its case at the reception when you check out from the hotel.
2.)   Key-card

While checking in, after filling out our registration form, you will receive a magnetic card. This card can be used to open the door to your room, the entrance to the hotel and the gates. If you lose this card, you will be charged 20 EUR / CHF (6000 HUF).
3.)   Environmental protection

During your stay please help us preserve our environment and be courteous in the usage of water and electricity.
4.)   Visitors

Only guests registered at the reception may stay in our rooms, we ask you to receive your visitors in our common areas.
5.)   Basic Services

The price of the hotel room includes the following: breakfast, free bicycle usage, fitness room, and massage chairs. During the summer, you can enjoy our outside pool and park, bathrobe rental, our guarded parking lot and Wi-Fi access throughout the whole house.
6.)   Security

We are not liable for any of your belongings left anywhere in the hotel. Please store your valuables in the safe in your room or at the reception desk. Instructions on how to use your room safe can be found next to the safe.
7.)   Dining

Breakfast is from 8:00 to 10:00, lunch is from 12:30 to 13:30 and dinner is between 18:00 and 21:00. Please eat the offerings of our buffet table only in the restaurant.
The services of our restaurant are available for both guests staying at the hotel, and visitors of the hotel.

The half board service begins with a dinner on the day of your arrival and finishes with a breakfast on the day of your departure.

Food allergies: lactose free, gluten free and vegetarian menus are available in our hotel. Please inform us about all your special dietary requirements prior to arriving.
8.)   Other consumption

It is not allowed to eat food and drink beverages brought to the hotel from outside.
9.)   Personal electronic devices

It is forbidden to store flammable or explosive materials in our hotel rooms. Irons or other dangerous electronic devices are not allowed to be used in the hotel rooms.
10.)   Fire protection

All our guests must comply with the fire safety protocol of the hotel. Please read the instructions about fire protection located in the hotel rooms and on the upper floor. In case of an emergency, please follow those instructions carefully.
11.)   Smoking

Our hotel is a smoke-free environment! Smoking is only allowed in the designated area, our staff will gladly inform you about them.
12.)   Relaxation of guests

Please do not disturb other guests and avoid making loud noises, especially after 22:00.
13.)   The valuables of the hotel

No furnishings or textiles (for example: duvet, towel) are allowed to be taken out of the hotel!
14.)   Leaving the room

Before leaving the room please make sure that the water tap has been turned off. You also need to pull the magnetic card out of the wall holder to turn off the electricity in the room.
15.)   Reporting problems

We ask our guests that if you ever notice anything of concern, to please inform our receptionist immediately.
16.)   Causing damages

Any damages (negligent or intentional) caused by the guest to the hotel property will be compensated by the guest. Please take care of the hotel and its appliances.
17.)   Camera system

We would like to inform our guests that a camera system works in the entire hotel. The primary goal of our camera system is for the improvement of property protection.
18.)   Lost and found

Our receptionist can help you with lost and found items.
19.)   Clothing

Please wear appropriate clothes in the common areas of the hotel.
20.)   Pets

For hygenic reasons, pets are not allowed in the hotel. Exceptions include guide dogs or therapeutic dogs.
21.)   Etiquette of the hotel

We kindly ask you not to approach the pool or the park through the restaurant.
22.)   Questions?

Our receptionist can inform you about our other services and their usage. We will do our best to ensure that your stay here is a pleasant one.
23.)   Important Phone Numbers

Phone number of the hotel: +36 77 700 750    Reception: 102
Ambulance: 06 104    Polic   06 107    fire departement 06 105     General emergency number: 06 112
We wish you a pleasant stay!